As well as being a prolific novelist, Vickie has also written a self-help book for busy women who are fed up with fad diets and gimmicks that simply don’t work in the long term.


Diet Tips for Busy Chicks, or DTFBC as Vickie likes to call it, is one of her greatest achievements. Here is a little bit about the book and how it can assist with healthy eating and movement despite a hectic lifestyle.

Do you have a hectic lifestyle and don’t know how to make time for healthy eating or exercise? Have your weight-loss efforts been repeatedly thwarted by fad diets and gimmicks that simply don’t work? Once you’ve lost weight, do you have trouble keeping it off?

Diet Tips for Busy Chicks will teach you how to:

  • kick those fad diets forever
  • lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way by taking control of what you eat
  • replace unhealthy energy-dense foods with healthy nutrient-dense foods
  • fit your healthy eating and exercise habits into your busy lifestyle
  • make small changes that can have a big result
    start losing weight today!

The tips and strategies contained in this book will benefit all Busy Chicks – not just those who are trying to lose weight. Vickie also shows stories from other women who have made dramatic improvements to their lives by taking control of their health and kicking the fads, once and for all. It’s all about feeling great, having more energy, being healthy and looking fabulous!

What People Are Saying

WOW! I’m happy to say this actually worked. Vickie’s tips and strategies changed my whole approach to diet thinking and my eating habits. I’ve lost 22kgs! And this has been without deprivation or starvation.

Thank you Vickie. I could never have done this without your practical tips, guidance and unrelenting patience.

Julie, 41

Nurse Unit Manager

After following the tips and strategies in Diet Tips for Busy Chicks, and introducing a more balanced way of eating, I have lost nearly 10kgs! Vickie’s 10 Diet Principles completely inspired me.

You never feel hungry and are always satisfied. DTFBC has literally changed my life! I’m in the best shape ever and food no longer has a negative hold over me.

Bec, 33

School Teacher

I have lost 6.5kgs – and it wasn’t hard to do!

Before I implemented the tips and strategies of Diet Tips for Busy Chicks, I was craving sugar and carbohydrates and I was SO tired in the fteranoons.

Since introducing some of the simple tips and following Vickie’s 10 Diet Principles, I’m more energetic, have no sugar cravings, and I’ve lost 6.5kgs without much effort in just under a month. I thoroughly recommend this book!

Christine, 58

Sales Manager

Since my high school days, I’ve tried countless times to lose weight – latching on to every fad that came to market. The false promises from these fads did nothing but damage my self-esteem and drain my wallet.
I’m happy to say I’ve found a way to stop buying into the gimmicks.

It’s called Diet Tips for Busy Chicks – The no-nonsense, scientifically backed tips and strategies will fit into any hectic lifestyle. I’ve lost 39kgs and I’m still losing more!

I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to ditch the fads and get real results.

Taylor, 28

Digital Marketer

Vickie Mc Donald (formerly Cummings) holds a Diploma in Clinical Weight Control and Nutrition. Her own personal battle with weight issues and the diagnosis of breast cancer prompted her to become more educated and more aware of the impact fads and processed foods have on body fat mass and overall wellbeing.

Australian Society of Authors Member