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I’m Vickie Mac, novelist of high stakes, big drama, fashion-centred mysteries. I began penning A Tartan Affair, the first book in a trilogy back in 2009. There have been too many hurdles to count, but here I am back and ready to bring my complex characters to life. I hope you enjoy learning a little more about me, my characters, and my writing journey.

Step into my world of heroines & haute couture

What I’m Writing Now


A Tartan Affair is the first of a fashion-centred mystery trilogy.

Melbourne 1937. Twins are born at The BellTower Maternity Hospital. Just hours after, the baby girl is snatched from her birth mother, given the name Clara, and sold to Melbourne’s most notorious socialite – Josephine Parris.​

Nineteen years on, Clara thinks her dream of becoming a fashion designer has come true when she designs an haute couture dress from a discarded bolt of tartan fabric. She catapults to overnight success, earning herself a spot on the big stage designing a gown for the upcoming prestigious ‘Gown of the Year’ competition.  However, her mother’s longtime secret could upend Clara’s life, and Josephine’s cruel efforts to thwart her future are unrelenting.

Can Clara outwit the high-powered Josephine Parris?

Meanwhile, Clara’s closest friend Lilly stumbles on a harrowing journal that lures her to The BellTower Maternity Hospital where the fate of young women and their unborn babies are at the mercy of greedy profiteers. Clara is torn between helping Lilly rescue the women of The BellTower and fending off her spiteful mother who continues to ambush her career. As Josephine closes in, Clara’s potential to win Gown of the Year hangs in the balance. She must do everything she can to make the cut off for the competition. But will she succeed once Lilly discovers Clara isn’t who she thinks she is? And will Josephine stop her dreams yet again?

After all, she’s got the connections – she’s got the money – she’s got the power.


Diet Tips for Busy Chicks



Diet Tips for Busy Chicks, or DTFBC as Vickie likes to call it, is one of her greatest achievements. Here is a little bit about the book and how it can assist with healthy eating and movement despite a hectic lifestyle….

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